Training Content

For more information about the Making the Connections course, or to purchase the DVD training set or other BWI products, please contact The Biblical Worldview Institute.  Upon completion of the workshop, each participant will receive (1) ACSI CEU in Biblical Studies for teachers and administrators in Washington State.

Integrating Truth into all of life…
Somewhere deep inside our minds, we all have a frame of reference that affects the way we look at everything.  This inner frame of reference, this conceptual window through which we perceive and interpret all of reality, is a worldview.  Every person has one! What ought to concern every Christian parent and educator is how easily our youth are being taken captive by non-biblical ideas and worldviews alien to Christ.  In an effort to reverse this current trend, The Biblical Worldview Institute is targeting influential people…people who are in a position to do something comprehensive and long-term about the problem: educators! Because we believe that true biblical Worldview integration is a skill that can be acquired and diligently maintained, we have written a book and created a workshop, the the same title, called Making the Connections: How to Put Worldview Integration into Practice.”  This effective approach to integration is a teaching methodology and skill that will help students make the connections between the pieces of life and God’s larger frame of reference.  Helping students make these connections is at the very core of distinctively Christian education!
Making the Connections trains educators to integrate biblical truths into all subjects and every grade level using a practial lesson design methodology. This workshop equips teachers to design and implement lesson plans incorporating biblical worldview components with any subject matter, at any grade level.  This workshop is available in DVD format featuring Don Johnson and Christian Overman presenting the workshop in front of a live audience. The Biblical Worldview Institute provides the Making the Connections textbook and participant guide, rights to copy the “BWI Planner” for individual personal use, hands-on training with certified instructors, sample lesson plans, and guided practice.
Upon completion of the course, participants will:
  • Define “worldview” and the critical role of “biblical worldview integration” in Christian education
  • Recognize five components of all worldviews: God, Creation, Humanity, Moral Order, and Purpose
  • See how smaller “pieces ”are interpreted in light of “larger wholes.”
  • Make connections by understanding how the Christian educator helps students to see all academic subjects in light of the biblical view of God, Creation, Humanity, Moral Order, and Purpose
  • Understand that true biblical worldview integration is not just “making associations” with Bible verses, or creating “object lessons”
  • Experience guided practice in constructing an integrated lesson plan using the BWI Planner