Sample BWI Planners

Over the years, many lesson plans have been designed by teachers using the BWI Planner.  Some of these plans are included here for your benefit.  It helps to see “working models.”  With this in mind, we have selected some of the best plans and posted them here for all to see.  Thanks to various teachers from a variety of schools, grade levels and subjects, we are able to share these treasures with you.  Please click on any of the grade-level BWI Planners listed below.  Enjoy!

K Social Studies-Martin Luther King – Moral Order

1 Social Studies-Squanto – God

2 Spelling-Complete Sentences – Humanity

3 Science-Hearing – Purpose

4 Social Studies-Leadership – Moral Order

5 Language-Mind Maps – Humanity

6 Science-Gems – Creation

6 Science-Magnets – Creation

7 Math-Two-Step Equations-1 – Humanity

7 Math-Two-Step Equations-2 – Moral Order

7 Math-Two-Step Equations-3 – Purpose

10 English Lit-Candide – Purpose

11 English Lit-Anne Bradstreet – God

12 English Lit-Frankenstein – Humanity

12 English Lit-Jane Eyre – God

10-12 Spanish-Cultural Festivals – Moral Order

10-12 Spanish-Stages of Life – Creation

10-12 Spanish-Values – God

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