“It’s my hope that Making the Connections will be widely read, not just by teachers, but by pastors, parents, and students….I applaud Chris Overman and Don Johnson for their diligent efforts and heartily endorse this newest endeavor. It’s a work that is much needed now.”

Chuck Colson, Chairman, Prison Fellowship Ministry, Washington, D.C.

“Mark Twain said ‘everybody talks about the weather but no one does anything about it.’ The same has been true of integrating God’s Word with teaching. Making the Connections does something about it. Here is an approach that has great promise for teachers who are serious about the task of integrating faith and learning.”     Dr. Timothy C. Evearitt, Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, Georgia

“Here is a practical resource for Christian teachers in both private and public schools who want to appropriately help students understand a biblical perspective in academic subjects. I highly recommend it!”  Eric Buehrer, President, Gateways to Better Education, Lake Forest, California

“Making the Connections does exactly that; it helps Christians make connections between their Christian faith and the world around them. Many books talk about the concept of Christian worldview integration, but this book provides concrete steps and a biblical worldview integration planner to help you to be effective.”  Kerby Anderson, President, Probe Ministries, Dallas, Texas

“I was thrilled to read Making the Connections. In one compact volume I found a vivid and compelling synopsis of a biblical worldview. This book, properly applied, can bring enormous value to educating the next generation.”  Dr. John D. Beckett, CEO, The Beckett Corporation, author ofLoving Monday

“I think what Overman and Johnson are doing is revolutionary. They’re taking all of the theory about biblical integration and making it practical for classroom teachers. This is a huge step in the right direction and I commend them for it.”  Dr. Jeff Myers, Professor of Communications, Bryan College, Dayton, Tennessee

“Making the Connections is the resource teachers and parents have been searching for in training their students to think biblically. Overman and Johnson provide the most practical and accessible methods for teaching worldviews I have encountered. It is an essential tool for anyone desiring to give Truth to the next generation.”   Randy Sims, Executive Director, Worldview Academy, New Braunfels, Texas

“Overman and Johnson are breaking some important new ground. Making the Connections is very important for the Christian school movement. When this gets into the hands of teachers who are learning to integrate subject matter with the Christian worldview, it will be serving a very real need.”  Dr. John Blanchard, former Director, National Association of Christian Schools

“For many years, Christian schoolteachers have struggled to integrate academic content with biblical worldview thinking. The method described in this book honors God, enhances learning, and helps to build a strong spiritual formation. Teachers will be strengthened in their teaching. Students will be more adequately prepared to make a significant difference for Christ.”  Roger A. Norrie, NW Regional Director, Association of Christian Schools International

“I would not want to entrust my children to the care of a teacher who has not read and embraced the premise of this book. This really is a must read.”  Mark Wilson, Director, Strategic Life Training, Santa Rosa, California

“Chris Overman and Don Johnson have made a major contribution to the Christian education movement. I am confident that schools using this book will find their students embracing scripture in both thought and behavior in a much stronger manner.”  Dan Smithwick, President, Nehemiah Institute

“This book will be very helpful for discussion by Christian school staffs, and will lead to practical action in the classroom.”   Dr. Harrow Van Brummelen, Professor of Education, Trinity Western University, author of Steppingstones to Curriculum