Chuck Colson Foreword

Whenever Christians make the connection between faith and life-between the biblical worldview and the issues of our day-societies are renewed and communities are restored. And wherever the people of God have committed themselves to do the will of God, in all spheres and sectors of society, they have turned the world upside down-or, better, right side up.

This is the challenge for the church today. There has never been a time when the transformation brought about by Christian faith has been so greatly needed. Wherever I travel, I see people who are desperate for hope, for understanding, and for the kind of spiritual and emotional healing that comes through faithful service. Unfortunately, too many Christians have disregarded Christ’s command to occupy and transform the culture, and the absence of a Christian voice in the public square has only compounded our problems.

Before we can make a real and lasting difference in the culture, we must understand how the biblical worldview connects us with every aspect of the creation. This means that we need teachers who are prepared to help us reconnect with our biblical mandate, and that’s why I’m so pleased to welcome the publication of this new book.

It’s my hope that Making the Connections will be widely read, not just by teachers, but by pastors, parents, and students. The book is a practical application of biblical worldview principles, specifically addressed to educators, but with important applications and insights for others, as well.

I applaud Chris Overman and Don Johnson for their diligent efforts and heartily endorse this newest endeavor. It’s a work that is much needed now.

Charles W. Colson

Chairman, Prison Fellowship Ministry