About Us

The BWI Mission Statement…

Impacting the culture by equipping educators from the school, the home, and the church, with the ability to show students of all ages how to apply biblical truth into all of life

The Biblical Worldview Institute…

Don Johnson

In 2002, the School Board of Cascade Christian Schools voted to create the Biblical Worldview Institute as a division of Cascade. The purpose was simple: to provide the “Making the Connections” workshop and book to other Christian schools.

The vision of the Biblical Worldview Institute is to expand their work to include training tools for school administrators, pastors, business leaders, parents and others to integrate God’s Truth into their lives in a relevant and practical way.

Don Johnson, Executive Director of The Biblical Worldview Institute, discovered a shared passion for biblical worldview integration in Chris Overman, Executive Director of Worldview Matters, Inc.

Chris and his wife, Kathy, are co-instructors for the workshop Think Again!: How to Maintain Confidence in Absolute Truth During a Post-Christian Age of Relativism.

Dr. Christian Overman

Our distribution contract with LifeWay Church Resources significantly increases the reach of our training resources, allowing for our training tools and other products to potentially be seen and experienced by a much wider audience.